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24x7x365 eye on your technology stack

Utilising the world's best technologies, we align with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and Cyber Killchain to continually monitor your whole network for potential threats day or night.

Cyber Security Isometric Concept

Log Monitoring

Our world class Security Information Event Management (SIEM) solution accepts log from almost any and all devices. If a device is not accepted; we will write a plugin to accept it, that simple. Some of the devices we monitor include:
  • -
  • -
    Servers (Linux and Windows)
  • -
    Desktops (Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • -
    Intrusion Detection Systems
  • -
    Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • -
  • -
  • -
    Mail Filters
  • -
    Web Filters
  • -
    Everything in Between

Endpoint Monitoring

Holistic monitoring of Desktops and Servers including Windows, Linux and Mac achieved through deployment of an always on agent to ensure monitoring is occurring whenever, wherever.

Endpoint Detection & Response

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Log Collection

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File Integrity Monitoring

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Host Intrusion Detection

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Computer Internet and Personal Data Security

Vulnerability Scanning

Using world leading technology (Qualys) the DefenceShield team conduct ongoing Vulnerability Scanning, making you aware of security issues in your environment such as missing patches, misconfigured systems and/or insecure applications. This is conducted in two different methods to provide a holistic approach.

Agent Based Scanning

Deployment of an authenticated agent allowing for real-time detection of identified issues including 0 days and newly installed insecure software.

Appliance Based Scanning

Agent-less scanning to allow for ongoing assessment of technology such as network devices and where agents cannot be deployed.

User Behaviour Analytics (UBA)

While monitoring logs from network devices and machines is useful, DefenceShield monitors all aggregated data and utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, creates a baseline or normal use. Anomalies are then detected that are outside the normal operating parameters and the DefenceShield Monitoring team informed.

User Monitoring

DefenceShield moves away from just monitoring the machines and builds baselines about users. We identify user logins outside normal times, users logging in from unusual countries, machines acting in a strange manner, lateral movement and new users added to groups to name a few.


The DefenceShield team identify all user activities in real-time. If a user's credentials have been compromised through phishing and used to launch deeper attacks; the DefenceShield team will see this immediately.

Needles in Haystacks

DefenceShield allows for a fully contextualised approach to monitoring for threats and allows for a deeper level of intelligence. What seems like normal behaviour from a machine might be out of character for a user and will be flagged by the DefenceShield team.

Replay Attacks

DefenceShield allows the monitor team to identify when an attacker got in, where did they go, what did they do and what else was compromised and provide meaningful information to all logs received and quickly detect cyber threats, both the ones we expected and the ones we didn’t.
Information Security
Cyber Crime, Hacking and Phishing Concept

Deception Technology

Incident detection and response, time and context are crucial. And yet many detection solutions wait until critical assets have been compromised to send an alert, and can’t provide important details, such as how the attacker got in, or where they're headed next. DefenceShield Monitor can help close these gaps in detection by making attackers an offer they can’t refuse. Leveraging cutting-edge deception technology powered by a deep understanding of attacker behaviour, the DefenceShield team sets irresistible traps to draw out malicious behaviour early in the attack chain and provide the DefenceShield team insight needed to respond effectively.

Service Delivery

The DefenceShield service is delivered from our ISO27001 certified Security Operations Centre located in South Melbourne 24x7x365. As a Managed Security Service; all components of the offering are included so there are no surprises.
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    Dedicated Service Desk
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    ISO20000 Aligned Processes
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    All Licensing Included
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    Ongoing Executive Reporting
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    Regular Service Delivery Meetings
Service Delivery

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